July 24, 2013

Two Blythe Outfits

Nannya. Ramanya?

So the other day, my Blythes and I were at a thrift shop. I looked in the toys aisle and found two Barbie outfits, and they looked really cool so I bought them. They cost a quarter for each outfit. All the Barbie clothes will fit Blythes.

Kiki looks good in the pink outfit, and Peaches likes the other.


P.S. "Nannya" means "hi", and "Ramanya" means "How are you?" in my language that I made up.  (And "Combaly" means "Blythe".)

July 12, 2013

Kiki's Fixed!

Oh my gosh!!!!!

Kiki has not been in the last posts because she was broken. Her drawstring frayed and broke off, so we had to open up her head to fix it.

Mama fixed her!!!

I am so happy!

Now she has a cute short string which matches her cute short hair.

Peaches is so glad to have Kiki back.

I love Kiki so much!


P.S.  My mom is AWESOME! And here is a link to the videos that helped my mom. It's a 4-part series that doesn't require you to open the head but we did because my mom thought it was easier that way.

July 7, 2013

Blythe 101: Three Uses for my Shoelaces

1. Your Blythe can use it for a ponytail that wraps around to make a headband.

2. Use it for fashion!

It also ties in the back:

3. A jump rope!

Post Script (that has nothing to do with shoelaces): Peaches is strong!