May 31, 2014

Kiki goes Rock Climbing!

Hello readers!  Yesterday, Kiki went rock climbing.  It was so cool!

First, Kiki had to get strapped up.

Then Kiki got to the rock climbing tower. So Kiki tried...  and tried... and tried to get to the top.  Then she finally got about an inch above ground.

She eventually got here.

FINALLY! She finished!  She got to the top!

There was really no point of the safety strap because it was too long to save her or anything.

May 30, 2014

Night owl

Last night,  Josie went outside at night and climbed a tree.  She liked the tree and stayed up it for a while. She likes to stay up at night.  She likes the dark.

May 29, 2014

Paper Airplane Race

Today,  Peaches, Kiki and Josie had an airplane race to see how far their airplanes could go.  Each of them designed their own plane.

Here is Peaches and her plane:

Here is Kiki and her plane:

And last, Josie with her plane:

They are all so cute!

So they flew their planes one at a time and here is where they landed:

Peaches won!!!  Yay!
Peaches was given a medal that I made.

Congratulations, Peaches!
Kiki and Josie are still winners for trying their best.

May 28, 2014

Current Projects: Mini Checkered Blanket Squares

Here is the project I am working on right now.  It is a blanket that I am gonna make for my blythe dolls.  I have other blankets, but not one that can cover all three of them.

I am making the squares really small.  I am also making it checkered.  It is gonna have Blue and Brown squares & Black and White squares.

Thanks for reading!

May 27, 2014


Josie really loves pancakes!  Above is Josie with a pancake that my mom made.

Josie's animal stickers

Hi!  Today, I got some stickers and they had pictures of animals on them so I decided to give them to Josie because she loves animals.  Josie really loves her stickers!

May 26, 2014

My Beautiful Blythes: Josie Gazelle


Here is my Beautiful Blythe, Josie.

Josie is amazing, talented and very sweet.  I love her so much!
Josie works at a circus where humans preform.  All profits go to animals in need.

Here is a bit about Josie:


  • She loves animals and loves to be around them,
  • She loves performing for a lot of people,
  • She loves dancing and singing,
  • She loves jungles and hopes she can go to one soon!
  • She loves nature parks.  She likes the flowers and trees in them,
  • and she loves making people feel happy.


I got Josie in May, 2014.




Color:  Yellow.
Animal:  Birds.
Holiday:  Earth day.

'Till next time,
Q:  What do you call a boy who loves animals?

A:  An Animan

May 25, 2014

Fashion show with Peaches, Kiki and Josie!

Yay!  It's my 100th post!

Today, my Blythes had a fashion show.

Here are Peaches and Josie.  Peaches is wearing a new dress that I bought from the thrift shop.

Here is Kiki in an outfit I think looks really cute.

Here is Peaches and Josie again.  Their shirts both have flower designs on them.

Here is Josie and Kiki.  Kiki looks more grown up in this picture.

Here is all three of them.

Here is Sophie photo-bombing them.  It's not really photo-bombing.  It's more like photo-blocking.

Q: If a rooster lays an egg on the top of a pointy roof, which side does it fall on?

A:  Roosters don't lay eggs.

May 24, 2014

Josie's Day

Hello!   Today, Josie felt like reading so she went to the book room.  Turns out, the books were too big for her.  The bookshelf was big enough to be her home.

Then, after she went to the book room, she watched a little TV.

Then we went to the library.  We didn't check out any books, though.

And here is Josie with the cat, Sophie.

May 23, 2014

Josie's First Outing

Today,  Josie had her first ever outing!  We went to a park with a river.   There were lots of trees and ducks. We got to feed the ducks crackers and it was really cute!

This is Josie with a clown doll.   After the picture, we discovered that Josie has Coulrophobia.

Early this morning (before we went out) I took some pictures of Josie.  Unfortunately, only one of them wasn't blurry.