June 8, 2014


Hello!  My family went to a village and I brought JoKi (Josie and Kiki) with me.  It was cool.  We saw a movie called "Maleficent" and we all loved it!  It was GREAT!

There was a huge fountain there and it was cool because it shot water really high up.  We stayed there 'till night time because at night, the fountain lights up!  It is really cool!

It was really pretty too!  They had small trees and pots of flowers there.

I am going to be camping so I am not gonna be blogging for a bit.

June 7, 2014

Mini American Girl toy

Hello!  Today, my grandma got me a miniature version of an American girl called Isabelle.

It is Peaches, Kiki and Josie's new toy.  They think she's cool.


P.S.  Here is a pictures of Josie this morning

June 6, 2014

Random Blythe Pics: PeKi Pics

Hello!  Today I am gonna show you some pictures of Peaches and Kiki.

In the first pic, it is just them staying still for the picture.

In the second pic, it is Kiki being full because she drank a lot of soda, and Peaches reading a book while cuddling an egg.

In the third, it is just a close up of Peaches cuddling with an egg made of stone.

In the fourth, it is just Kiki being Kiki.  She likes fun childish stuff.

Thanks for reading!  :D

June 4, 2014

Josie's hair today

Josie and I would like to share with you how I did her hair today.

It is basically just a braid but there is a mini braid in the front too.  She and I really like it.  Kiki's hair is too short for that so I can't do her hair like that but I can to it to Peaches's hair.

Thank you for reading my post!

June 3, 2014

Kiki's First post

Hiiiii everyone!!!  I am Kiki and this is the VERY first time I am blogging!!!! I am the first of the Blythes that has gotten to blog! It is very hard for me to type because I am very small so I am having Blue do it for me.  But this is all me talking and not Blue at all.

I took a selfie.  It was kinda dark in the room.

Bye bye! I hope I can blog again soon!!!

June 2, 2014

Kiki's Computer Art: BBS, Snowfall and Other...

Kiki made some art:
BBS (Be back soon)  This is Kiki's art and does not mean that I am leaving anywhere.


And then there is this...

Kiki would like you to know that, yes, she does love Peaches and Josie but sometimes you've got to take a joke.

Bye bye!