January 31, 2017


I've been getting rid of some Blythe clothes. I wanna take pictures of the ones I loved (and I don't think there's a photo of this yellow skirt already. I don't know.)

SO here it is:

January 29, 2017


Here is Peaches in front of fountain, standing on a lovely book statue. The village shops are quite lovely as well.

January 16, 2017


Josie Style

Hello. I'm going through a bunch of photos of Blythe, so there's gonna be a lot of new photos coming soon. Here's the first couple:

Hat: homemade.
Sleeves: from a Holly Hobby doll.
Shirt: homemade.
Skirt: from the Etsy shop ninabella9.
Shoes: Peaches's stock shoes

January 8, 2017


Today, Kiki changed her outfit for the first time in a while, we played in the snow for a little bit, but she got cold because she refused to put on any shoes, so we went back in and learned some Mandarin Chinese (she learned her first verb: "to be":   [sounds kinda like shih]).

January 3, 2017


Peaches and I went to the library, and this is her on a bookshelf.  (My photography skills are decreasing XD.  She's wearing some new Christmas clothes (her headband that my sister gave me and yellow ["Me Before You"ish!] bumblebee tights that mama gave me).  One of her favorite places to go is the library, so she had fun.  So what if the socks don't match with the rest of the outfit? :)