October 31, 2015


Peaches waiting on Halloween day

They all dressed up, but only Peaches went door to door with me.

Happy Halloween! Peaches, for years, has been wanting to be a butterfly for Halloween. Peaches has had the costume for three years, but the first year we forgot about it, the second and third year, we either couldn't find it or were too lazy.

Peaches had her own candy bag, but nobody gave her candy. :( . But her bag wasn't that noticeable.

At first, Peaches had her wings with the sparkly side facing the wrong way, and then my mom suggested we flip it around.

Peaches had an amazing Halloween, and I hope you did too!

October 28, 2015

Bunny Hat!

Hello! I made this bunny hat... when I started the hat, I thought I was making a bear hat, but I had a thought: "I already have a bear hat and not a bunny hat". So I asked my mama for advice and she said to do a bunny hat.

I had the first picture upside down, to make it Alice-In-Wonderland-y because of the rabbit in it.

In the making of the hat before it had ears:

But it turned out looking like Dobby (from Harry Potter) and I think it looks really adorable like that.

Thank you for reading!

October 19, 2015

Random Blythe Pics: Birthday Photos Of Kiki

This is Peaches's outfit. I put her in it then back in the box.

I just found all the photos of Kiki when I got her back a few years ago. She's so adorable and I'm so happy I have her. This is the photo from probably the same day or week: