November 30, 2014

Try to Fly

Kiki learned that you can't fly

Even if you have dead leafs attached to your shirt for wings.

November 28, 2014


Biking can be a bit troublesome for my Blythies.  Kiki is pretty good at it, but Peaches and Josie...

Once they've got the hang of it, it can be easyish.  They're legs don't exactly fit well.

November 27, 2014


Hello!  Happy Thanksgiving!

These are pictures that Blue took of me.  I really like having my hair in a braid.  It's pretty and your hair doesn't get knots in it at easily.

Bye!  Thanks for reading my post!

Draw Poker

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!

Kiki was playing "Draw poker,"  Which is basically just a pocket poker.  She likes it.  She likes most video-game-like stuff.

She is wearing a new green and white hat that I made myself.  I learned how to do it HERE.

That's all.  Bye!


These are pictures of Peaches that I took a little while back.

November 26, 2014

Shopping With Kiki

We went shopping at Walmart.  Kiki likes going shopping at Walmart. There was this box and on the side of the box was a picture of a room with a couch on it.
It kinda looks like Kiki is sitting on the couch!
Thanks for reading!

November 24, 2014

Last Night

This is them falling asleep last night.  They are on one of my jackets on a shelf.  They are sharing a blanket that I made them.

November 23, 2014

Exploring a patio!

Peaches, Kiki & Josie explored a wooden patio.  They sat at a lot of different spots at the patio.  I couldn't take a picture of all the spots they sat because they sometimes were at three different spots at once.

Bye Bye!!!

November 22, 2014

Fun by a rock!


Peaches, Kiki and Josie love doing outdoor things a lot.  They usually do more exiting things than just stand by a rock.