March 8, 2014

Bike Riding


Kiki really wanted to ride a bike, but she didn't want to ride hers.  Her bike is a two - person bike, and she says Peaches slows her down, because Peaches doesn't want to go fast.

So I let Kiki ride mine.

Kiki really enjoyed it, so she suggested for Peaches to take a turn.

Peaches couldn't ride very well.  Kiki tried really hard not to laugh when Peaches fell off.

I made up two new words for my language that I made up.
Here are the new words:

Gangy  =  Happy,
Bert  =  Bored,
Jana (Pronounced "Janga") =  Really,
I/Me/My  =  Hoopman.


Q:  What does a cat in the desert have to do with Christmas?

A:  Sandy Claws!

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