March 10, 2014

Current Project: Blanket Squares

Heeelllllooooooo Everybody!

This is the project I am working on currently.

I am making little crochet squares. I am going to make a bunch of them then join them together to make a Blythe doll blanket.

In the pictures, they may not really look like squares, because I am not using a pattern for them so they are a bit unprofessional, but they look more squarish in person.  I think once they are joined together, they will look more professional in person and in the pics.

I made four squares, but messed up on one.  It's not flat, it is dome-like.  So I am now using it as a hat for my mini Blythe dolls that come with LPS.

Thanks for reading! I will make sure to update you with the progress! I will also be showing a better pic of the squares soon!

Knock knock
Who's there?
Doorbell repair service.

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