March 14, 2014

Kiki saves Peaches!

Peaches is in trouble!  She is stuck on a mountain. If she doesn't get saved in time, she will burn up by the really close sun!

Luckily,  Kiki is gonna save her!

She brought her rope that is attached to her waist.

First, Kiki has to cross the Blanket Mountain.


Next, She has to get to the top of that high cliff

and avoid the high fall.

She has to be quiet because she can't wake up the evil cat Sophie or else she will be attacked.

She has to hurry up, because Peaches is burning!!!

So she took her long rope,

and threw it onto the cliff,

and climbed up.

Once she got to the top, she ran as fast as she could to get to the mountain that Peaches was on.

There she was!

Kiki rushed over and helped her down.

Peaches was saved!

The end!

There was a mother cow with three children. One day, the oldest one walked up to the mother and asked "Mama, Why is my name 'Daisy?'" The mother answered, "Because when you were born, a daisy landed on your head."  The next day, her second child asked "Mama, why is my name Tulip?'"  The mother answered, "Because when you were born, a tulip landed on your head." The next day, her third child came to her and said "gbdnapnatychgakkjubes."  Then, the mother said "Oh, Brick!"

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