March 27, 2014

Kiki's Computer Art: Color Frames

Kiki:  (Walks in to the room and shows Peaches her art)  "How do you like it?"

Peaches:  "Very colorful."

Kiki:  "Thanks. It's title is 'Color Frames'."

Peaches:  "Cool. I liked 'CONP' better, but this one is pretty."

Kiki:  (Blushing) "Awwww!  Just so ya know, I printed out two copies of CONP.  I hung one up in your room and put the other in your pillowcase."

Peaches:  "Why?"

Kiki:  "Because you love it so much so I thought you should see it in your room all the time."

Peaches:  "But why the pillowcase?"

Kiki:  "Since you love it so much, I thought you could wake up and take it out and look at it. You should never be without it. Which reminds me, I put a mini copy in your wallet."

Peaches:  (Took out her wallet)  "When did you do that? I keep my wallet with me at day, and at night I have it in a safe."

Kiki:  (Pauses)  "There is no limit to love of art."

Peaches:  "What does that even mean?"

Kiki:  (Changing the subject)  "Why do you even keep it in a safe?"

Peaches:  "So you don't get to it."

Kiki: (Laughs to herself).


Q:  Where can you find a dog with no arms and no legs?

A:  Wherever you put it.

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