March 2, 2014

Super Peaches Saves the Day!

Nannya readers!

These are PeKi's LPS Friends. (LPS stands for "Littlest Pet Shop")

The LPS had the idea to go into one box and let Peaches and Kiki sit in it.  They thought it would be cool to do, and they were right!

Kiki is enjoying what feels like a spa treatment.

Peaches is enjoying it too.

The box is big enough for both of them, so Kiki joined Peaches.

All of a sudden, they all heard a loud growl....
The ground shakes....

The ground shakes even more!!!

It was the dreaded cat, Sophie!

And she brought her light-saber!

Then, we were saved by Super Peaches!!!

The evil Sophie was no match for Super Peaches!

The evil Sophie ran off without a trace.

Hooray for Super Peaches!!!

Knock Knock
Who's There?
Police Who?

Police let me in.

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