April 12, 2014


Hi readers!

I made this cool scrapbook for Peaches and Kiki (Mostly for Peaches because she has been wanting it a lot).  Peaches and Kiki had a scrapbook that I made once, but it wasn't as good and wasn't as big either.

I made it with cardboard, paper, packing tape and glue.  I love it because it is not artificial in any way.  You can slide papers in it like a real scrapbook! Peaches is gonna put stickers on it and she has this cool green clothespin that she has on it for decoration.

Peaches has been scrap-booking a lot now and she loves it!  She said to me "I never knew what I was missing out on!"

In the picture, Kiki is trying to get a better look at the scrapbook and is trying to grab it.

Thanks for reading, readers!
Q:  What kind of flowers can you grow on your face?

A:  Tulips!

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