May 21, 2014

Josie is here!!!

Hi everyone!  Great news!  Josie came!!!!  :D  :D  :D   I took a lot of pictures of her!  Right now, Josie is watching me blog.  She says she likes it.  I really love her face and red hair!  And she has cool eye chips too! I really love her!  Peaches and Kiki love her as well!  They are doing a great job welcoming her to the family!

Here are the photos!

My mom bought a new pull ring for Josie and put it on and I think it's really cute!  Josie likes it because it is an owl and her favorite animals are birds.

She also got some other gifts like stickers, a binder and a woodpecker.

Here is Josie with her woodpecker:

Here is her with Peaches and Kiki:

They are so cute together!  I love Josie!!!  Peaches's nickname for Josie is "Joe G,"  Because her last name starts with a "G."  Kiki's nickname for her is "Zinny,"  Because her original name was "Zinochika."  I call her "Zinny"  too.

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