May 6, 2014


Hello everyone!

Peaches, Kiki and I were on a vacation so that's why I wasn't blogging for a while. While we were on vacation, we did a lot of fun stuff! get ready for a long post with a lot of pictures....

Here are Peaches and Kiki relaxing in bed, enjoying the hotel we were in.

Kiki went to the pool.  In the first pic, Kiki is getting ready for the pool.  In the second pool, Kiki is slowly going in the pool (it was very cold).  In the third and fourth pic, Kiki is relaxing and drying off in the pool chairs.

We had Oreo cookies.  It was a kind of Oreo that you put together.  Peaches really enjoyed putting it together and eating it.

Peaches and Kiki got a really cool blue bowl and I had to make something to put in it so I made cookies and lollipops!  I made 8 cookies and 3 lollipops.

This is Kiki standing in front of a window.  She just wanted to make sure there were more than enough pictures of her on vacation.

Kiki got two toys from the quarter machine.  One of them is a cool alien toy and one is a taco toy that you take apart and put back together again.  Kiki likes the alien toy because it has a pink wand on the back of it's head.

We brought one of their board games called "Apple Land."  They enjoyed playing it.  I printed it out from MyFroggyStuff's blog.

Me and Peaches put a lot of clothes on the cat, Sophie.  It was really funny.  We could barely see her because she was buried under a mountain of clothes!

Kiki also made computer art that I will tell you about in the next post.

I hope you enjoyed my REALLY long post!

Q:  Why was the cashew in the loony bin?

A:  He was nuts!

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