October 1, 2014

Adventure on the beach!

An adventure on the beach with Peaches, Kiki and Josie!

Peaches, Kiki and Josie were sitting in the car, bored.

Josie: "We should explore"

Kiki: "We should go on an adventure! We could go to places we haven't been before!"

Peaches: "Sure, why not"

Kiki: "YAY!"

Josie "Where to?"

Kiki: "The stream!"

And with that, the girls were headed to their newest adventure.

Peaches and Josie liked sitting on rocks and watch the stream.  Kiki liked to climb rocks (especially the ones that would move and shake when she walked on them).

It started to get windy....
Kiki started to shiver....
Then, all of a sudden, Kiki's hat flew off!

It flew to a rock.

So far away....

So Kiki walked...

And walked...

And walked...

And then finally got to the rock where her hat was!  She got it back and all was happy again.

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