December 16, 2014

Littlest Pet Shop Blythes

Here are all my Blythe dolls that come with Littlest Pet Shops.  I've been collecting them for a while (before I started collecting Neo Blythe dolls).  I haven't got much this year,  though.  I've been focusing on Neo Blythes.

Here is Pandora.  She's my first one.  In the second picture,  Pandora is with Sophie,  the cat.  Sophie's eyes look weird in this picture.

Here's Amber,  the only mini Blythe without bangs... so far.

Here's  Michelle:

Here's Scar.  He's my only boy.

Here's the twins,  Maple & Zyla:

I made the hair thing,  the shirt and the skirt on Mable.  I made the shirt on Zyla.  I also made Amber's dress.  She has a skirt over the dress - that I did not make - so the dress just looks like a shirt.

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