January 31, 2015

Josie's Hiking!

Today,  Josie went hiking for the first time.

Peaches and Kiki have both hiked before,  but Josie never has.  We were camping for months,  so that's kinda like a hike everyday,  but she has never actually been on a hiking trail before today.

I had to pack her up pretty good.  Blankets over and under her for protection,  mostly.  I also brought a brush and ponytails for her and the camera.

When we were there,  she got to get out a few times,  but mainly she was in the bag relaxing.  She said the fresh air was nice.

It was the perfect temperature.  It was chilly but sunny.

Josie loves to be in nature,  so she was so glad she went.

After the hiking,  we went to an ice-cream place called Sub Zero.

Thank you for reading!  I hope you had just as much of a nice day as Josie did!

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