June 22, 2015


Kiki and Josie were just taking a walk, and then one of them - I can't remember which one - spotted a map! Kiki snatched it and read it. Instantly, they were teleported to a strange place unknown to them.

   "I think we should make fire or build a hut or something," Josie suggested.
   "I think it's better to be in a tree than to be in a hut," Kiki argued. "A hut will just collapse, and a tree will stay sturdy."
   "But neither of us can climb a tree," Josie said.
   "Speak for yourself," Kiki mocked, then grabbed onto a twig and pulled herself up.

   "Okay, but what if you roll over in your sleep?" Josie asked.
   "Then I'll fall out and get back up," Kiki said.
   "It's still dangerous," Josie said.
   "I'm like a foot up," Kiki said, doubting the danger.
   "But you're only a foot tall!" Josie said. She knew that there was no winning a fight against Kiki, so she grabbed onto a branch and lifted herself.

That night, they both pretended to be asleep, though neither of them could accomplish that. Josie had thoughts of asking Kiki to stay up with her, but she wasn't that rude.
   They both eventually fell asleep.

They woke up on the couch, near where they found the map. Was it all a dream?

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