November 9, 2015

Hats & Stuff

I started a hat a couple days ago and got too lazy to finish it, but today I did. It's like this hat, but bubblier. In the photos of the one I just sent you a link to, you can't really see that it's a bubbly hat, but it is. I like both.

This next one is - unintentionally - square-ish, and looks a little like something a sailor would wear. I put a bow - that I somehow ended up with after a failed project I already forgot about - on it to make it cuter.

And she's also wearing sleeves, made with yellow fabric, with a white inside lining.

I sewed a top that has ribbon for straps and inside lining.

I played Mancala with Kiki, and she won so hard, and got about twice as much beads (points in the game) as I did.


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