January 17, 2016

Blue Sleeves!


One of my favorite things for Blythe to wear are sleeves. I love sleeves. I have knitted and sewed sleeves before, and I just love them! This one closes at the front with a button. I knitted most of it, but there are crochet parts on it.
I knitted this one in particular with yarn I got for Christmas! It chances to different shades of blue and, sometimes, white. This one is my favorite of the knitted and crocheted sleeves so far.

I did that one yesterday, and I sewed one today that I'll post about soon! I sewed it after the sun went down, so the lighting would be terrible if I took the picture now, so I'm gonna wait.
I'm also working on another knitted and crocheted one.


Have a nice day to you all!

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