January 30, 2016

Road Trip

Josie and I went on a road trip yesterday! It was only a day long. The drive to the place was a couple of hours as well as the drive back. Down below are pictures of her luggage. She brought:

  • Her travel journal that she shares with Kiki,
  • Two extra dresses,
  • And sleeves, because it's cold outside.
A blanket didn't fit in her suitcase, so I didn't bring it.

This is a picture of her before we left. You can just see the excitement on her face!
Here are some things I did to keep her safe:

  • I put her hair in ponytails,
  • I wrapped this towel around her head so it didn't get scratched,
  • I didn't bring any blue or black clothes because it'll stain her if it's on too long or in the sun.

Josie was sitting on my lap most of the trip. Here is her peering out the window. I love this picture.

Josie, my family, a family friend and I went to a rather lame parade and saw fireworks! Now all my Blythes have seen them! They were so pretty and nice, and Josie loved them all! She said it was sad, though, because it's bad for the world.


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