March 30, 2014

Kiki's Art: Rainbow Sunset + Field

Hello readers!

I made a sunset picture (It is the background of the first two pics).  Kiki saw it and liked it so she made her own.  She made a sunset picture once, but she got inspired to make another.  Kiki also made one of a field. She said it just came to her.  She made it before the sunset one because the image came to her and she didn't want to forget it.  She named the sunset one "Rainbow Sunset," and the Field one "Sunny Meadow." Kiki likes "Rainbow Sunset" most, but I like "Sunny Meadow" better.  I glued both of Kiki's drawings to the back of mine.  These are her 6th and 7th works of art. I love them both and they are both really pretty.

Well that's all for today!

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