April 1, 2014

Our book called "Sisters."

Hello everyone, and happy April!

Peaches and I are working on a book.  Peaches and I are writing the story, and I am illustrating.  It's gonna be a small book with a picture at the beginning of every chapter.  Peaches and I have not finished it yet.

It is about two sisters.  Their mother marries a king but none of them like him (He doesn't like them either). The older sister's name is "Achlys," and the younger sister's name is "Jacqueline."
The younger sister looks intentionally creepy because she gets cursed later on in the book.

There are also side-characters like "Jane," and "James," who are siblings that Achlys and Jacqueline find in the woods.

Q:  What did one hat say to another?

A:  You stay here, i'll go on a head!

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