March 21, 2014

Kiki's Computer Art: Drain

Kiki:  "Do you like it?"

Peaches:  "Well..." (Pause) "It is a bit crazy and distracting for my taste."

Kiki:  "But you still like it, right?"

Peaches:  "Before I answer, what is the meaning of it?"

Kiki:  "Really, it has no meaning. It is just pretty."

Peaches:  "What is the name of it?"

Kiki:  "Drain. As in it drains the life out of all the other paintings."

Peaches:  "Okay..."

Kiki:  "So do you like it?"

Peaches:  "I'd rather not answer."

Kiki: "Wow."  (Walks away).

In my opinion, Kiki's picture is both pretty and meaningless.

Q:  What is the only flying bagel?

A:  A plain (plane) bagel!

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