March 22, 2014

Kiki's Computer Art: CONP

This is Kiki's latest piece of art.

She calls it "CONP."

"CONP" means "Color On News Paper."

Kiki:  "Do you like this one?"

Peaches:  "Sure, It's alright."

Kiki:  "You think you could do better?"

Peaches:  "No, I am not an artist."

Kiki: "Even if you were, I bet you could not top this piece of art."

Peaches:  "It's not really art."

Kiki:  "Art is a symbol of uniqueness."

Peaches:  "Well then, your art is very unique."

Kiki:  "Yes! I knew you'd like this one!"

Peaches: "I didn't say -"

And before Peaches could finish, Kiki ran off, happily.

Now, time for another bagel joke.
Q:  What does a ghost put on his bagel?

A:  Scream cheese!

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