September 7, 2015

Etsy Mushroom Dress | Order 3

   I just got my package! It's a dress from Kittyred's Blytique, and it's a real great one! It's got lace, dots, mushrooms, a bead and a button, and it snaps in the back, and it's awesome!

    There was a surprise! When I looked at the business card, there was a headband attached to the back that I didn't expect! It's great, and cute, but it always falls off Josie's head. I'll have to find her a hairstyle that keeps the headband on!

This is my third order from Etsy for Blythe dolls. The first was a skirt and a shirt and the second was a dress with pink hearts and stripes.

   I took pictures in the park, which has mushrooms too, so there is a mushroom on some of the pictures, on the left (on her right), and I could only find one mushroom so that's the one she happily took great photos with. The pictures without the mushrooms were taken in the backyard, by the way.

    The package tracking said it was out for delivery, and when the mailman came with no package, I was pretty upset, until he turned around and said that he didn't see my package until he left!

   I took pictures in the park and in the house and in the backyard, and in the backyard there was a little surprise. I picked up Josie from off the floor when I discovered a thing. There was a slug on the back of her head, on her hair, and at first I was like "Oh that's so cute," but then... I saw its slime trail on her hair, and I hurried to get it off. I grabbed a piece of dead grass and put it next to Sluggie and it climbed on the grass.

   I washed the slug trail off of Josie by wetting a towel and wiping it off portions of the hair. I dried it with the same towel.

    I added Sluggie to the dictionary in the computer right now.

It's awesome and I will really want to buy dresses from this seller again! The dress is such great quality, and it fits really well!

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