September 9, 2015

Kiki's Dislike Of Shoes

It's finally Peaches's turn to wear the pretty dress!

Peaches and Kiki were outside, and since they were only in the back, with no chance of any broken glass, Peaches let her wear no shoes. Of course, she tried to make Kiki wear shoes, but she refused.

After some fun, Kiki helped Peaches up the stairs to go walk outside.

Peaches put shoes on Kiki, who took off her shoes as soon as they left the door.
Peaches got Kiki down to the ground to put the shoes back on. That's what it takes, apparently.

Then they happily took a walk on the sidewalk, where Kiki should have to wear shoes, but this happened.

Kiki is fine with not wearing shoes, and if that's her decision, that's okay, all right, and fine.

Thanks for reading, all you readers.

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